Recycling & Recovery:
Responsible waste management

Planet Environmental’s service goes far beyond collection and disposal of waste. We’re highly proactive in the area of responsible waste management through recovery and recycling of waste materials.

Whether you need to improve your environmental performance because of legislation, taxation, competition or pressure from customers, our expertise can help if you need to reduce waste and enhance your green credentials.

Reduce > Re-Use > Recycle.

Recycling & Recovery (R&R) is a process designed to actively diminish waste through a series of activities that includes the collection and sorting of excess materials, the processing of these materials to produce brand new products and the purchase and use of these products by consumers. Planet Environmental optimize R&R by practicing the three R's of waste management – Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle – as a matter of process.

Planet provide a range recycling and recovery options that are suitable for most medium and large sites and organisations and incredibly cost effective.

Planet are able to provide a diverse range of recovery & recycling options for various types of waste and may able to offer a rebate on current market values. Planet also offers WASTE TO ENERGY solutions for specific waste streams.

Materials that we currently recycle include:

  • Oily wastes (gloves, rags, PPE & liquids)
  • Chemical wastes (paints, styrene, adhesives, coatings, oils, greases, HFO & pigments)
  • Misc. hazardous wastes
  • Gas cylinders
  • Batteries (house-hold, lead acid & all industrial)
  • WEEE (IT, fridges, freezers, incubators, fume cupboards, chillers & air handling systems)
  • Fluorescent tubes & lamps
  • Mercury contaminated wastes
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Cardboard & paper
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