Total decontamination & waste management for laboratories

Planet Environmental have vast experience dealing with the decontamination of laboratories from simple waste collection and management through to total decommissioning. We follow robust procedures to ensure that the relocation or closure of your laboratory is both completely safe and economically viable.

Planet can take care of most forms of contamination, including radioactive, hydrocarbon, pharmaceutical or chemical in various forms from solid and liquid, to vapour, gas or powder. Whether present in the air or on surfaces such as plant or building fabric we provide safe solutions that render any contamination harmless.

In order to evaluate potential risks, Planet provides a total decontamination management solution starting with investigations, feasibility studies and proposals then onto final recommendations.

Qualified Chemists

This is when Planet Environmental’s diverse expertise is so valuable. Your project is overseen by an experienced decontamination manager, backed by experts in the removal of asbestos, chemical and hazardous waste.

We can also provide fully qualified chemists to help identify, itemise and re-package any laboratory wastes in need of disposal.

Planet Environmental provide information throughout the process. Upon completion of project, final reports and certification of cleanliness are provided.

If you are clearing, relocating or closing a laboratory, Planet’s expertise can help in the following areas:

  • Total decontamination solutions for laboratories & similar premises
  • Full strip, decontamination & waste disposal
  • Basic or deep clean decontamination solution
  • Selective laboratory soft-strips
  • Removal of contaminated furniture, fume cupboard & air handling systems
  • Re-sale of redundant furniture & equipment (off-set against decontamination cost)
  • Sampling, identification, analysis, listing & re-packaging of all hazardous & chemical wastes
  • Contaminated waste collection & disposal
  • Complete clearance packages for company liquidators
  • Decontamination certificates supplied
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