Chemical & Hazardous Waste Disposal

Disposal of chemical and hazardous waste should only be handled by proven experts. Planet Environmental’s safety and technical credentials means we lead the industry in the collection, treatment and safe disposal of dangerous substances.

Our track record is second to none. As experienced, time-served professionals we provide a nationwide collection service for all kinds of hazardous waste that guarantees a safe, reliable service that is fast, efficient and most importantly, compliant with all local & national environmental regulations.

Industry leading indemnification

Our total commitment to the safe collection and disposal of hazardous materials is fully reinforced by our officially accredited quality management system. Our indemnification package is widely recognised as the best in the industry and, coupled with the economies of scale that come from working with a market leader, you have a service that offers both reassurance and cost effectiveness.

As market leaders within the hazardous waste collection and disposal market, Planet Environmental is fully licensed and regulated by the Environment Agency to ensure that all waste collected from our customers is disposed of in accordance with current regulations.

Planet Environmental provide comprehensive documentation and evidence of the journey of you waste once it leaves your site, including tracking reports and certificates of disposal, to guarantee compliance with all local & national regulatory agencies.

Planet Environmental offer bespoke disposal solutions of;

  • Containerised non-hazardous, hazardous & chemical wastes (bottles, tubs, drums, IBC's & palletised)
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Clinical & medical wastes
  • Hazardous skip wastes
  • Asbestos waste
  • Contaminated land
  • Solids, powders, sludges & liquids

Planet Environmental also provide;

  • Sampling, testing, analysis, listing & re-packaging of all types of waste
  • Origination of all relevant waste documentation & labelling
  • Supply of destruction certificates
  • Provision of waste containers for all chemical & hazardous wastes
  • Collection of all types of waste (small, medium & large vehicles supplied)
  • DGSA / COTC qualified support
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